Be a part of helping Americans find the right solution to their credit problems while building your income.

Top Credit Repair, offers an exclusive affiliate opportunity for you. You can earn money being a broker for our Credit Repair agency. We will do all the hard work, including corresponding with the creditors, credit bureaus and staying in touch with any attorney that we may assign to your case.

Some brokers choose to send us their new client information as soon as they get a new client, others have chosen to update us biweekly and or once a month. (Keep in mind, it’s best to give us the new client information as soon as you receive it. Doing so lets us process their file immediately and it also reduces the chance of the clients work not being completed by the quoted time)

Discount For Brokers

Up to $10,000 in sales monthly =        15% discount

$10,000 – 20,000 sales per month =   20% discount

$20,000 or more in sales per month = Contact Us for special prices.

Note: If any client complains about work not being done in a timely manner or requests to receive a refund due to you the broker not giving us TOP Credit Repair the information along the fee in a timely manner, you will be assessed a fine of $200 and may be removed from our program. 

Our dedicated affiliate team is committed to your success. We offer the highest payouts in the industry as well as full tracking and compensation for phone sales.

Now is the time to get staRTED.